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In recent years, we have often proven that we are more than "just" a music festival. This spring, too, from April 24 to 28, you can experience not only musical highlights but also festival untypical things. Secure your festival or day tickets now - the limited Early Birds are actually already sold out.

MAJAN unplugged

Opening concert & other confirmed acts

He's THE breakthrough artist in the rap business, has already worked with Schmyt, Provinz and Co. and rapped his way from virtually zero to the charts together with CRO - and that at the age of 20. We also love his music and are accordingly pleased that we were able to win him over: MAJAN will play a very special show at the c/o-pop opening night on festival Wednesday! What exactly will happen, we will reveal in the coming weeks.

Other acts confirmed so far for 2024 are: NESS, Deki Alem, Dominik Hartz, SERPENTIN, Aka Kelzz, Flawless Issues, FILLY, therror, ELA, Meagre Martin, jolle, LEILA, Endless Wellness, BEX, mischgewebe and Nomuel.

Daggerworkshop & Live-Podcast

What does digger driving have to do with pop culture? So far, not much. But that could soon change. Many of our team members have a long-cherished, slightly weirder childhood dream of shoveling a pile of sand from right to left with an excavator. We hope you have similar dreams? This one, at least, could soon come true! Yes, you read that right: At the next c/o pop you can take part in an excavator workshop! If that's too much action for you, just watch the live podcast "Reflektor" by Jan Müller (Tocotronic), who will be sitting on our stage with the band Tränen.

New & old collaborations

The c/o pop not only lives from our slightly weirder ideas, but also from various collaborations. We're already revealing two of them - one of which you already know: At Lit.Pop, in cooperation with Lit.Cologne, author Ilona Hartmann will read from her novel "klarkommen". We are also happy about our freshly bagged co-op with İÇ İÇE, a festival for new Anatolian music. In this context you can watch exciting acts like AySay and Kara Delik or get to know an oriental folklore dance for example at the workshop "Dabke Community Dance".

What's New?

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

You can buy the tickets for all days now. There is a cheap day ticket for each day and our festival ticket for all days from Wednesday to Sunday.

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Watch Now: The Aftermovie 2023

Watch Now: The Aftermovie 2023

Whether you were there this year or not, our aftermovie from the last c/o pop simply puts you in a good mood. Take a look, enjoy snippets of your favourite acts or rediscover yourself and your friends in the wild festival and convention hustle and bustle!
Watch the 2023 aftermovie!

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Although we still have a whole grey winter ahead of us until next April, we’ll sweeten the cold season for you from now on and will be releasing line-up and other news from time to time. If you don’t want to miss anything, just subscribe to our newsletter and/orfollow us on Instagram.

Chance for up-and-coming bands

Chance for up-and-coming bands

The project aims to promote local, regional and national up-and-coming artists. We offer the selected acts the chance to present themselves to an international audience at the c/o pop Festival. As part of the project, there is a lively exchange with other festival makers, agencies and labels from over 25 countries. musichub germany is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Initiative Musik.

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