Aka Kelzz

Aka Kelzz


April 28,


Aka Kelzz (they|them) has always loved making music. Growing up in the UK, coming from a musical family and strongly influenced by neo-soul artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and India Arie, Kelzz saw music as a natural environment and wanted to create his own.

But the first steps on the path were not easy: people kept saying about Kelzz's voice that it was not up to the standard of others. As a fat Black teenager with limited representation in the media, it was also difficult for them to find a place and a belonging for themselves - to be visible. To process it all, Kelzz began writing diaries - giving feelings and emotions their own space. A practice they still use today for songwriting.

It wasn't until Kelzz left the UK - their personal and musical base - and moved to Berlin that they decided to try again and find new artists to make music together. After numerous band formations and breakups, Pandemic seemed like the right time to finally produce their own music.

Meeting Rafa Mura, a producer and close friend, was the moment they started to find their own sound: A flattering vibe that is gentle and confronting - inviting listeners into Kelzz's emotional world: "When you look at me, you should put aside all preconceptions and enjoy the simplicity and creativity of the music while the words do the work."