Dominik Hartz

Dominik Hartz


April 27,

Live Music Hall

"I just always do what I want" Dominik Hartz proudly sounded on his last EP. And the range he serves is really insane. His hit house smasher "Klimpa Klimpa" which recently made Dockville shake meets jazzy-old-school hip-hop beats or urgent post-punk anthems like "love yourself, fucked up".

And then there are the collabs with colleagues like Bruckner, anaïs and newcomer Aaron. Someone moves quite freely between the different poles and obviously has a few more bars on the shelf. The logical consequence: a double EP with the inviting title "F*CK you". Half rap. Half indie. And that's where it rumbles. "KIPPE" is the uplifting bell that brings you without detours into the here and now. Unashamedly broad-legged, but then also mindful of the family. "My grandma always texts me my songs are too sad. I don't care, for this bass I'm celebrated by my dad". Somehow it doesn't matter what the others want. Who cares. Good transition. THEY WANT THIS THEY WANT THAT. A nasty-groovy party banger with a hook that might cause writer's block for some colleagues.

How does it feel? Sweaty. As if the body simply wants to take over. As if it didn't care what the rest had to say about it, let alone how it would feel tomorrow. It sticks in your bones after all, such a night. But: AS LONG AS THAT STILL WORKS. "Drank way too much yesterday again. In a bar where everyone has jaws." With this confession Dominik Hartz sounds like a very good German speaking Mac Miller and already the chapter "F*CK" is closed. And while you are still wallowing in the pleasantly warm hangover mood, suddenly this beautiful singing voice comes along. Accompanied by a guitar she invites us to change to the "you" side. Yes, of course! "7 days" - A dreamy indie dreamer about arriving at the right person, but also makes it easy. Question: is it okay to use the word "verliebt" in German-language songs? Yes? No? Rather not? You guessed it. Dominik Hartz doesn't care. And when he reveals his feelings for this one person in "ganz" completely bluntly and calls him by name, that's really very sweet. And smart. "idgaf" closes the bag with a mean-grooving bassline and a little defiant. Phew. What a showcase of work. Hartzer's universe is a colorful one. And he obviously feels super comfortable in it.

And genres or red threads or not, this EP is certainly one of the most loving "F*CK you"s you can get thrown at you. The same goes for his shows. The first, completely sold out headlining tour in the spring ended in a wild rave and suddenly 30 people from the audience found themselves on stage. All united in a happy, billowing mass. This was also the case recently at Dockville. A visibly stunned and moved Dominik Hartz suddenly found himself in front of 4000 people. But one thing was quickly clear: people loved it on and in front of the stage. Whatever he does, whatever it sounds like and whatever pigeonhole you want to put it in - Dominik Hartz seems to be in the flow and to get away with it.