April 26,

Live Music Hall

The sound of wavvyboi unites different musical influences in a unique way. On the one hand, he was inspired by his father's guitars and vinyls, which covered a wide range of genres - from Nirvana to Jimi Hendrix and many legendary rock stars. On the other hand, he began to study guitar and other instruments academically at an early age, whether it was in early piano and guitar lessons or later in music studies. This combination, together with his poetic way of thinking, enables him to process sensitive emotions, which leads to the foundation of his unmistakable sound between rock and pop music.

Back then, the Liechtenstein native's early sound was based more on dark, melancholic beats, but always with a great deal of sensitivity and a search for greater melodies, which over the years have increasingly shaped wavvyboi into what he is today and has always been: a finely dressed troubadour with flowing hair who is not only a sequence of sounds, but also a catalyst for contemporary thoughts that go beyond personal experiences - to break the stigma and create a conversation that resonates universally. On his first "albtraum tour 2022", wavvyboi showcased his virtuoso duality, which he later presented on the following "engel & daemonen tour 2023 " to a shifting play between light and shadow, accompanied by his debut EP "all die engel & daemonen sind wir selbst", which found its place in the top 10 album charts and broke the further boundaries of musical genres.

With the brushstrokes of his sonic palette, wavvyboi seeks to paint a canvas of emotions, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy and inviting listeners to find themselves in their self-expression.