Baby B3ns

Baby B3ns


April 26,

Live Music Hall

Benita Banu, also known as Baby B3ns, is a young artist from Berlin who is known for her self-made image. She is known for her high-pitched voice, which she uses in her hyper/internet pop songs.

Benita was introduced to music at a young age with classical instrument lessons, which nurtured her talent and sense of self-production. Before her first release "Baby Blizzard" in the summer of 2022, Benita started performing as a DJ at various events in Berlin's nightlife. As she continued to develop her love for music, she landed a hit in the charts last year, enabled by her talent, passion and determination. Her social media presence and eye for fashion and music inspired by the manga-core aesthetic have helped her become one of the hottest hyperpop artists in a short space of time.

In parallel to her music career, Benita Banu has also increased her influence on the fashion industry by representing her aesthetic and style through the clothing line she co-founded, "Love Hotel", for which she creates and stages new looks. Benita realised from the beginning that it was worth pursuing all her creative disciplines simultaneously over the past few years. With a comprehensive vision, the creative direction of her artistic world lies with her. Be it the conceptualisation and styling of her music videos, her online presence or simply designing outfits.

Baby B3ns is the next big hyperpop artist as the music genre is constantly on the rise. She is now signed to a major music label and has many projects ahead of her, including international collaborations with high calibre artists that will further the development of her artistic career.