April 27,

Red Stage @Sparkasse KölnBonn

At this year's Reeperbahn Festival, there was no way around him: a blond-haired man in his early twenties, who was DJing from a blue, low-slung Nissan Skyline station wagon. And wherever the party crowd stopped: Crowds of people, smiling faces and raucous beats - block parties that perhaps only existed in the 90s.

The guy with the blue car, that's UHD. The Berliner-by-choice is representative of a new generation of Gen-Z musicians - producer and performer in equal measure, his sound moves playfully between hyperpop and epochal dance anthems, between EDM and the future trance compilations of the early noughties. UHD thus captures the spirit of the times: Before he has even released a song of his own, he produces Ski-Aggu's anti-macho hit "Maximum Rizz" together with DJ Heartsting, plays sets at the Heroes Festival or at the Suicide Club in Berlin.

UHD embodies the search for unmistakable individuality and breaks with all conventional genre boundaries. He condenses the energy of his DJ sets into his own tracks, which have the potential to break down walls: between genres anyway, but also between club and festival stages. "Herzen in mein Eyes" is one of them - and with its equally brutal and catchy bassline, it has been doing the rounds for a few weeks now, and not just on Tiktok.

Hypes are one of those things, but it's already clear that UHD is going to fly and has already started to take off.

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