Pablo Brooks

Pablo Brooks


April 28,


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In the last two years, Pablo Brooks from Düsseldorf has played almost fifty often sold-out headline concerts with his band, from Vienna to Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam and London. With "Pleaser", he is now releasing his second EP this summer.

Pleaser stands for the feeling of losing yourself as a 20-year-old in the middle of a big city. Being so lost that you secretly hope to be found by other people. It's about relationships, with lovers and friends, but above all about the confusing relationship with oneself. How one feels love and lust, desire and pleasure, anger and bitterness and self-sabotage and how this changes in the agonizingly long coming-of-age process.

Pablo songs are always very visually conceived. Like movie scenes in a flickering neon night. Most of the songs for this record were written on the train. Either on the way to a party or on the way home. And it's always about longing, especially for things that you will never reach anyway. This emotional maelstrom is soaked in thick, international pop, but dance music, indie rock, folk and synth pop are not far away. Catchy melodies meet storytelling lyrics about youth, loss, mental health struggles or queerness, which radiate so disarmingly, pointedly and unsparingly from the world of their peers that the whole hall can bawl along from the first to the very last line at concerts. And at the front, the jumping, dancing, sweating and night after night unrestrainedly suffering Master of Ceremony Pablo Brooks.

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