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Around 2017, rapper Yosho (Joshua Iyagbaye, 23) and producer Sammy (Samuel Schwarz, 24) produce their first demos. They met at a party shortly beforehand, but it was only when Yosho discovered a beat package from Sammy in his Instagram story that their musical collaboration and friendship took off.

Given their geographical proximity, it was not too surprising that the two would run into each other at some point. Having grown up on the tranquil Chiemsee on the southernmost edge of Bavaria, albeit in different places, it is not just the view of the beautiful landscape that unites them.

Rather, it is musical inspirations that they have in common and whose traces can be found in their sound. From XXXTENTACION to King Krule, from OG Keemo to Jean Dawson and Wesley Joseph, it's a harmonious mix.

Fun fact: grunge icons Pearl Jam also fall into this category.

So it's not surprising that their own musical design draws energy from the straightforwardness of trap as well as from the non-conformity of alternative. Indie and rap meet in Yosho's work, two corners of the universe whose do-it-yourself attitude shines through in his songs.

2023 marked an important year in the lives of the two. Their joint move to Vienna sharpens their focus on music. Last but not least, the song "Andere Stadt" was written during this time, which brought them attention on TikTok and in the corridors of the music industry alike.

The song, on which Yosho describes the feeling of departure in visually stunning language and with his unique voice, is released on March 1, 2024. In any case - the lyrics: without hiding behind kitsch, Yosho negotiates the world in and around him with a clarity that is normally reserved for older generations. At the same time, the patterns and melodies are modern and close to the lives of her own generation. A generation that Yosho believes is capable of more than being trapped in a short attention span and simply consuming everything that surrounds them: "If you give them the chance to engage more deeply, to get involved with the music, then they will respond to it".

...and this is exactly the approach reflected in Yosho's music!

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