Willow Parlo

Willow Parlo


April 26,


Willow Parlo has successfully played its way into the heart of the indie scene over the past year. Like the soundtrack to a summer that must never end, Willow Parlo's dreamy indie romances wash over your soul. No matter how hopeless the everyday melancholy may seem - the Hamburg band pushes the gray clouds aside and lets light into the soul. In a symbiosis of alternative indie pop, dreamy soundscapes, echoes of coming-of-age and American rock music, Willow Parlo tells of farewells and new beginnings, breaks up and breaks out, leaving a lasting impression. In doing so, the band retains its hopeful vibe. This flows in warm waves with melodious harmonies, sustaining guitars and approachable vocals. The burden of postmodern life disappears in their sound, but it always remains certain that every descent will be followed by the next ascent to the summit.

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