April 25,

artheater Basement

Electron adorned, a crossroads of societal verity embraced.

Thérèse, a musician, creative director, stylist, a model with a purpose, speaker fervently committed, etches her tale of a myriad lives. In the likeness of her unconventional journey, her artistic endeavor unfolds free, impassioned, blended, embraced by the masses, yet demanding.

Musically, she is now surrounded by producer Adam Carpels, the co-composer of the project, alongside Robin Florent on mixing, and Benjamin Joubert on mastering. As a synesthete, Thérèse places great importance on the visual realm, co-creating it with Charlie Montagut of Genial Pictures.

As a stylist and creative director, she collaborates with musicians ((Bilal Hassani, Sônge, Seb la Frite, Nayra, Lonepsi etc.), brands (such as Spotify, NUXE, and Bumble), and fashion or music institutions (like Sup de Pub, Casa93, CNM, Combo 95, and Zebrock).

In parallel, she delves into the themes of freedom and living together, championing inclusive feminism, cultural identity, our relationship with our bodies, and the concept of "individuation."

While each of these endeavors mutually nourishes one another, they primarily nourish the artist herself, fueling her purpose, her creations, and her desire to share them, to "move the heart and the body, to set the mind in motion. And vice versa." In the wake of her second EP, "metaREverse," Thérèse concludes the composition of her debut album, slated for spring 2024, and the accompanying performance, enriched by the ingredients gathered through new experiences and encounters along the way.

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