The Screenshots

The Screenshots


April 28,

BüZe Grosser Saal

Two million sales with a simple idea - that was the plan when Cologne-based rock band The Screenshots made their debut three years ago. The result? Chart position 45, a pandemic and a plus-minus zero. Time for a new chapter that is not about sales, but about people. With a lot of playfulness, lightness and a new directness: welcome to the wonder of mankind!

The Screenshots' new album no longer sounds like a mindless success mindset. This has to do with the fact that the band had to learn with their last album "2 Million Turnover with a Simple Idea" that turnover alone is not profit. And so the latent permanent irony of the early years makes way for a different form of truthfulness.

Lyrically, the year of Chat GPT also revolves around the essential questions of human existence: What is happiness? Who loves whom and how much? And: Wasn't every grandpa a baby once? So after the pandemic, canceled tours and the big, overarching question of how to exist as a small indie band in the long term, it continues. In October 2023 on the "Wunderwerk Mensch" tour through NRW and the rest of the world.

The Screenshots concert takes place as part of FU24BA7L. FU24BA7L is a soccer culture festival taking place in Cologne in the run-up to UEFA EURO 2024. The project is funded by the Football and Culture Foundation and organized by cologne on pop GmbH on behalf of Arsch Huh e.V.

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