April 27,

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

SIOVO's sound is safespace.

Here you can be whoever you want. Above all, you can be soft. His music is like a hug. Firm and warm. SIOVO is a catalyst for pain, emotions bubble out of you on autopilot. His electronic pop, which works just as confidently with synths as it does with organic instrumentals, is about difficult relationships. About what you miss, what hurts, what should never be again. But also about what you want and what you deserve. His voice touches through the layers of the body and covers the dreaminess of his melodies. In his musical world, you are suddenly no longer afraid of the darkness because it shimmers like a starry sky.

The newcomer entered the music scene of the German Gen Z scene in 2022, since then, as of March 2024, he has released seven singles that have already found considerable resonance, signed to Four Music and moved to Berlin - the queer artist has found his place and his tribe there, to whom he speaks from the heart.

A broken heart - this is a recurring theme in SIOVO's music: universal and intimate, but so difficult to grasp. And there's more: pain, love, anger, sadness. Because he approaches emotions with his innermost being, SIOVO has built up a community in which everyone can feel truly understood, whether isolated in the countryside or in the capital city of millions.

The queer artist writes about his experiences and picks up his fans. He is an agile and subtle observer of himself and his environment and uses his music as a projection screen. SIOVO redefines the status quo in the German music scene and music-making in the digital age, his style and sound effortlessly carrying him into the ranks of international pop greats: From synths and influences from 80s new wave, 90s pop and 2000s indie electro and his voice, weaves shimmering alt-pop and modern (queer) anthems reminiscent of The 1975 and Troye Sivan.