April 27,

artheater Saal

SERPENTIN is a truly exceptional artist, breaking genre boundaries with her unique indie-electro sound and spreading like wildfire in the German newcomer:inside scene. After a successful first festival season in 2023 with over 18 festivals all over Germany, such as MS DOCKVILLE, KiezKultur Festival or Nürnberg Pop, support shows for e.g. MELE or Schorl3 and with the first million streams on Spotify in her pocket, she is far from finished and will go on her first own headline tour in November 2023.

A distinctive, intense voice paired with songwriting that captures and never lets go merge in their self-produced sound into a storm of freedom and pain that passes no one by without a trace. Somewhere between Moderat and Paramore, their indie-electro sound blends into a German-language fever dream. Co-produced by Ikarus and brought to the stage by an explosive live band consisting of Elias Kunz (drums) and Anton Kleinheins (keyboard/synthesizer), a SERPENTIN concert will leave everyone adrift in their torrential flow.

SERPENTIN is a true force of nature that takes place between reality and the inner emotional world. In the in-between, just before the storm and in the twilight, her music is at home and gives every feeling without exception a place where everything is allowed. A club that turns into an ocean of dancing people, all lost in euphoria at the same time; that's SERPENTIN.