April 27,

Em Drügge Pitter

A deep voice that sounds familiar and moving: somewhere between indie and powerful pop, SEDA (the Turkish name appropriately means “voice”) sings approachably, calmly and with clever songwriting about the issues of their generation, such as growing up, the balance between mental health and the pressure of perfectionism, and not least about their own queer identity. SEDA themselves describe their music as “indie pop with a vintage feel, lots of guitar sounds, 80s synths and melancholy”.

SEDA knows how to cast a spell over people, not least thanks to their authentically charismatic style. A very special energy surrounds the up-and-coming artist. Even though her career is still quite young, the press is already predicting great success. The established DIFFUS magazine recently called SEDA “a new rising star in the indie sky” - the editors of Bayrischer Rundfunk called SEDA a “natural talent” with a “unique voice”.

This opinion was also shared by the juries of the most renowned (southern German) newcomer promotions: SEDA is currently being supported as part of the Popakademie Mannheim's Bandpool funding program, which has already brought artists such as Provinz, Betterov, ClockClock, Kasi and many more to the fore. In the BY.on funding program of the Association for Pop Culture in Bavaria, SEDA is also in its current funding round with other artists such as Lena & Linus, Judi & Cocho or MOLA, and the Initiative Musik of the German Federal Government is supporting SEDA for the second time in 2024.

SEDA calls for the self-image of equal rights for all people and unobtrusively conveys important content and thought-provoking impulses in their music.