Rosa Anschütz

Rosa Anschütz


April 27,


Rosa Anschütz is a twenty-six-year-old singer-songwriter and artist based in Berlin, Germany. Seeking to transform daily observations and interrogations into hauntingly beautiful and crafted records, her poetic and sharp lyrics oscillate between singing and spoken words in distinctively emotionally driven combinations of electronic music and analog instruments. Her 2019 EP Rigid was followed by two ac produced Albums Votive and Goldener Strom.

As a transmedia artist, Rosa always ensures to provide a visual frame to her projects. For Interior, she has stitched thousands of sequins into nine different pieces all part of a single curtain she poses in front of for the cover of the album. She stares here into the eyes of those looking at and listening to her, clad in a sunflower embroidered shirt. Interiors are subjective – the further or the closer one stands to what they are observing, the different the image they are receiving.

Interior, the third solo album of Rosa Anschütz, is therefore an intimate and complex journey into beauty and vulnerability. It is a mesmerizing, ceremonious album, crafted with strength and assurance to gently welcome and challenge its listener. It establishes Rosa Anschütz as a stunningly talented artist, poet and singer-songwriter, whose sharpness gives her the courage to look at what lies within herself to then dare you to look at what she is, at last, observing.