Ritter Lean

Ritter Lean


April 28,

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

"I rapped for fun but didn't release anything - Adri said I should just do it," raps Berlin high-flyer Ski Aggu. Who is this Adri that Aggu keeps mentioning? Adrian Julius Tillmann first made a name for himself in the Berlin creative scene as an actor. Among other things, he starred in the Netflix series "Biohackers". After successfully encouraging his best friend Ski Aggu to release music in 2020, he finally took the plunge himself in 2023: with the release of his debut single "Einsame Insel", the musician Ritter Lean was born.

Ritter Lean's background in film is not only evident in his visually stunning videos, but also in his music, most of which he produces himself. His lively storytelling could not be more captivating. Ritter Lean tells true-to-life stories of lost souls in the techno capital, of never-ending evenings in dirty bars and his constant penchant for extremes. He makes just as little attempt to hide his big ego as he does his vulnerability. He finds a language for his stories that is unprecedented in German indie pop: dirty and raw, but honest and unafraid to provoke.