Rave Aerobic

Rave Aerobic


April 28,

BüZe Grosser Saal

Rave aerobics is not higher, faster, further - it's not a competitive sport - rave aerobics is a disco sport!

Rave aerobics brings people together and gets them moving. As part of the European Football Championship 2024, we're celebrating diversity with you! This time we're coming up with something very special in terms of disco sports and combining your favorite football hits with action and dance for everyone. Fervent singing along is encouraged. You'll never walk alone.

Visually inspired by the 80s and 90s, Rave Aerobic with its crew of dancers and DJs offers a show to dance along to - for everyone. The music is cross-genre, the unifying element: energy and fun in movement. Wherever Team Rave Aerobic appears, every session becomes an instant party and catapults the crowd into endorphin heaven. For founder Leni Wolf, the topic of diversity and inclusion plays a special role, which she wants to convey with Rave Aerobics: everyone can dance! Since coming up with the idea in 2009, she and her team have not only held rave aerobics courses, but also performed on national and international festival stages. Whether as a morning start to the festival day with yoga beats, as a dance workshop (from Afro Fusion, Hip Hop, to Twerk, and much more) or as a full stage show with DJs and dancers. Rave Aerobics lets the audience become the performers themselves!

Because I've had the rave of my Life. Are you ready to dance with us? 3,2,1, DISCO!

Rave Aerobic takes place as part of FU24BA7L. FU24BA7L is a soccer culture festival taking place in Cologne in the run-up to UEFA EURO 2024. The project is funded by the Football and Culture Foundation and organized by cologne on pop GmbH on behalf of Arsch Huh e.V.