MAJAN  unplugged

MAJAN unplugged


April 24,

Live Music Hall

MAJAN is RnB, is Neo-Soul, is T/Rap, is Alternative Pop, is Electro, is Art. In times of musicians* as social media entrepreneurs, shaped for the mainstream music industry's risers, he is the oversize shirt that doesn't fit into any pigeonhole. With his new EP 'Für jeden aber nicht für dich' the writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist MAJAN opens a new chapter in his songbook after three years. After a rather experimental phase in times of the pandemic, he goes back to his creative roots - even if the topics have become more adult in the meantime.

Anyone who has ever seen MAJAN on stage knows that this Dude, who sits there at the piano and soulfully puts jazz chords under his autotune vocal melodies, is literally an artist and as such unique. His RnB is smart and deep, his soul intuitive. His rap speech melody, his flow far from copy. His pop is multi-faceted and surprising, electronic beats come to another level through his lyrics. This Dude is truly something special.