April 28,


Racism has only existed since George Floyd? Feminists and the LGBTQ+ scene have a distorted perception? White privilege doesn't exist? MAALI proves the opposite. She is a Black German singer and rapper with a Bosnian-Kenyan background. In songs like "All My Rights", "Bitch Move" or her recently released single "Lovin Myself", she embodies empowerment, self-determination and tells her story with intimate German and English lyrics that give a glimpse into her everyday life as a young Black woman in a white majority society.

In 2021, the singer and rapper launches the solo project with producer Fruity Finn. Inspired by various elements from the fields of R&B, hip hop, Afro pop and Balkan music, among others, the artist creates her own sound. Listeners speak of an unmistakably energetic voice, danceable beats and lyrics that get under your skin and a performance that remains unforgettable.

MAALI's music creates perspectives. "My songs and performances should show marginalized people that they are not alone with their feelings and experiences. They should feel understood and encouraged." In the same way, those not affected should be sensitized to what it means not to conform to a white, male and/or heteronormative image.