Katha Pauer

Katha Pauer


April 25,


Neubau Records & The Orchard present

Pauer/Power is in her name. Katha Pauer stands out with her directness, which is evident both in her social media presence and in the content of her songs: She criticizes the pigeonholing of our society, talks about her relationship with fear and insecurity and raises her fist in the air when she sings "there are no rules for me". When she was in an English-speaking long-distance relationship over 3 years ago, she wanted to write songs about her experiences that her partner couldn't understand. So she decided to write them in German and developed from a diary writer into an extraordinary songwriter. Melancholy, anger and lightness characterize the sound of Katha Pauer, who sometimes cheeky, sometimes serious, but always honestly inspires her audience. Just how multi-faceted Katha Pauer is can be heard on her debut EP next year.

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