April 24,

Live Music Hall

"Please give me time until / something heals in me" is the maximally emotional core line of JAS's debut single, which begins in a very minimalist way, when the 19-year-old newcomer only spreads a few fragile guitar streaks under his voice - and with this alone creates a gripping picture of his inner life. It is about emotional emptiness, about a sudden cold snap between two people, about emotional chaos and the absolute desire for distance so that the "winter heart" can come back to itself and start beating again. While even the gloomy background noise of the big city loses its contours (and everything feels empty, as it does every year for the festive season), the track condenses into a hook when JAS rolls out driving beats under the spherical arrangement - which only makes the pull and the mood even stronger. "I don't feel anything anymore/and all the streets are empty - it's cold inside me."