Ivo Martin

Ivo Martin


April 27,

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

The 20-year-old actually had completely different plans: after graduating from high school, Ivo Martin applied to study music business at the Mannheim Pop Academy. But during the admissions interview, he was told: "You don't belong here - you're an artist!" So Ivo Martin decided to accept the challenge. All the signs had always pointed to pop stardom for him. Growing up near the old capital Bonn, his father provided early musical education, the Beatles played at home and Queen's "A Night at the Opera" in the car - Ivo Martin's favorite album to this day. At the age of six he was sent to guitar lessons, eleven years later the ambitious newcomer published his own compositions for the first time and already attracted some attention. By signing with Epic Records Germany, Ivo Martin is aiming for a new start.

The guitar in the spotlight, accompanied by organic instrumentation with brilliant pop moments and delicate experiments - this is how the sound over which Ivo Martin's head voice floats can be characterized. And his captivating way of telling everyday stories paired with overwhelming emotions inevitably transports the audience into Ivo Martin's very own world. A world that is held together by powerful emotions and a love of musical detail. Ivo Martin is already a star there.