April 27,

artheater Basement

HIHEME (formerly known as Donia Touglo) is the ultimate multi-talent. This cosmopolitan artist based in Cologne is known for her versatile and unique blend of music. The artist has conquered numerous stages nationally and internationally, all with her refreshing "universal fun jam" style.

Hits like "Ginga Tea" or "Walla Billa" from her particularly vibrant debut album "Game Changer" continue to captivate the world of Radio Cosmo and 1Live fans. Among her appearances, she graced the stage at the "Carolin Kebekus Show" and the Popkultur Festival in Berlin.

With her self-made, Afrofuturism-inspired visual elements and a fusion of Neo-Soul, Jazz-Fusion, Afro-Fusion, Electro, and Pop, HIHEME creates her very own musical vibe and style that lingers. It's no wonder she took home the prestigious popNRW Award as the "Best Newcomer" in 2021.