Flawless Issues

Flawless Issues


April 28,

artheater Saal

Flawless Issues. This is the project of Max Schindler, also from Stuttgart. Starting as a live guitarist for Edwin Rosen, he was able to play his first live concerts in 2021 and test his own songs in front of a large audience. Since 2022 he plays his own concerts in London, Zurich at the Kiezkultur Festival in Hannover and as support for Bodi Bill. He releases his music so far by himself, but we are in talks with a few labels & distributors about possible collaborations. With "Deine Angst" he has also successfully cooperated with the techno artist Klangkünstler.But even now Max has already managed to be quite successful with over 200 k monthly listeners on Spotify. There is at least one EP and more songs to be released this year and we are now looking for partners for the live business.