Festival Confessions - Time for your confessions

Festival Confessions - Time for your confessions


April 28,

Do you have a secret that you can't share with anyone? Have you just fallen madly in love and don't know what to do? You want to finally meet your favorite artist live in real life?

In the middle of the festival hustle and bustle, an unusual place awaits you: the festival confessional - a place where you can share your secrets, questions and worries with an unknown person in a confidential environment. And where you can be who you want to be. This is not a typical confession situation, but a unique opportunity to indulge in a moment of peace and self-reflection.

Whether you simply need someone to listen, want to ask for advice or want to get a secret off your chest, the festival confessional gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings without anyone knowing or judging you. The person in the confessional is a stranger who simply listens to you and gives you empathetic advice if you wish.

Take this opportunity to treat yourself to a moment of peace and self-reflection in the midst of the music festival hustle and bustle. No matter what's on your mind - let it out and feel relieved! The Festival Confessional is there for anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on or a friendly voice.