Eli Preiss

Eli Preiss


April 28,

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

Eli Preiss from Vienna moves far away from common genre conventions and redefines music in her very own way. With her new single "Ganz allein", together with the Drunken Masters, she not only creates a catchy tune in our heads, but also heralds the beginning of an exciting phase as an independent artist (again).

Eli Preiss gained attention in German-speaking countries with her debut album "LVL UP" (2022) and established herself as a versatile musician. Her follow-up "b.a.d." is the result of a very personal phase in her life. The album presents itself like a musical diary, reflecting on the darker sides of life while capturing moments of light. The songs on the album provide an honest insight into the world of Eli Preiss and tell stories that come straight from her heart.

Rather than treading familiar paths, Eli Preiss breaks with expectations and manages to combine profound emotions, personal experiences and a blend of hip hop, club sounds and R&B to create a captivating and refreshing soundscape that skillfully balances between underground and mainstream.

"Ganz allein" marks another milestone in the young musician's career, and there could (almost) be no more fitting name for the upcoming first GSA tour.

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