Dolphin Love

Dolphin Love


April 25

who speaks your mind? it begins with this question, completely calmly. but then a shock floods through body and mind, like a wave driven by the wind rushing against the shore - unchecked, not knowing what will happen.

the work of Dolphin Love is no exception - following no uniform structure, unexpected breaks, shallow, dreamy elements underpinned by striking drums. this year, for the first time, Dolphin Love is presenting his work up to this point in a solo set-up. this includes his ep "999", released in february 2022. in his search for purity, spirituality and impulsiveness, he writes, produces and mixes everything that the ear seems to perceive in the end, entirely by himself. he adapts this process with the help of samples and loops on stage.

his songs sit alongside works by artists such as Tame Impala, Nick Murphy, Pond and Tom Misch. he writes lyrics in english and deals with topics that lead to a world far removed from everyday life and social pressures. in doing so, he changes his perspective and appeals to people to let go of things that are just dead weight. It's about being in harmony with yourself and rethinking entrenched constructs and rules. his songs decelerate, inspire and are full of attention to detail. "whospeaksyourmind" - Dolphin Love's second ep - will be released in 2023 - combined with support shows and the first notable festivals such as appletree garden and waves vienna.