Dolphin Love

Dolphin Love


April 25,


A vast, endless expanse. It's sunny, nothing far and wide. From a distance, you can hear music coming closer and closer. This is not only the beginning of the short film for Dolphin Love's latest EP "Who Speaks Your Mind", but also a good description of his music.

The debut EP "999", which introduces the (sound) world of Dolphin Love, was released in 2022. A world full of extremes and contrasts. "I love it when it's loud and ecstatic, but on the other hand I need silence and nothingness to create new things," says Dolphin Love.

Both EPs were created alone in their home studio - from recording all the instruments to the final mix. It always starts with the mood and the instrumental idea, the rest follows naturally. In terms of production, he comes from hip hop, but the guitar is still in the foreground, sometimes even more than the voice, which is treated more like another element.

"I'm always trying to challenge myself and break new ground in my production style. To do things the other way around, to get out of my head. The same ways often bore me. For me, producing music is like quieting my mind, stopping to think."

The (sound) world radiates warmth, lightness and a spirit of optimism. In search of something new and out of the old. The lyrics are also partly from an observer's perspective, as Dolphin Love observes his environment and incorporates his own themes.

In the real world, Dolphin Love has already brought his songs to the stage at various festivals such as Dockville, Fusion or Appletree Garden or shared them with Jeremias, Zimmer90 and Ätna as support.

Always with "Peace & Love", because this is not only the ending of every post by Dolphin Love, but also the atmosphere that runs like a red thread through it.