April 25,

artheater Basement

BEX, the rising star of Vienna's vibrant music scene, is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Ghana and now making her mark in the Austrian capital, she brings a unique blend of cultural influences, lyrical prowess and unwavering determination to the world of rap. BEX's journey as an artist has been one of constant evolution from the very beginning. She began crafting her distinctive sound in 2021 and has since combined her confidence and skill with just the right amount of explicitness to allow her listeners to take a break from their reality and escape into her fantasy. Her debut as an artist began with two features on W1ZE's EP 'Down Low', which was nominated for Best Sound at the 2022 Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. BEX proved her versatility again with her next feature on the Nono Punch produced track 'Bounce', effortlessly blending her rhymes and flows with the beat to create a perfect powerhouse banger. Bounce entered Vienna's FM4 charts and made it clear that BEX was here to stay. In November 2022 she officially released her debut single "Midnight Playground", which was her second entry on the FM4 charts. Her debut EP 'Bundles' was released in 2023. Now with the XA Award to her name, BEX has remarkably carved out her own niche in record time. But this is just the beginning. As she continues to flourish and evolve as an artist, BEX remains steadfastly committed to breaking boundaries and dismantling stereotypes. Her vision extends far beyond the borders of Vienna, and she aims to captivate a global audience with her artistry. One certainty remains: BEX is a captivating enigma, always delivering the unexpected. Much like her revered inspiration, the iconic Lil Wayne, she adheres to the mantra: "Real G's move in silence like lasagna.

BEX also recently won the Austrian Export Award 2023.

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