“My (Indie) label is handling it!”

“My (Indie) label is handling it!”

“My (Indie) label is handling it!”

- From the everyday life of a label manager

April 27, 13:30–14:30

Workshop @
Herbrand's Club

Digital distribution and streaming are changing the music market permanently - do musicians still need labels at all? Should I work for a label and if so, why? What challenges and tasks does the job of a label manager entail nowadays and how can I get started?

Katha Krieger and Jasmin Himmelmann work at the independent label Audiolith and talk about their everyday life and especially their experiences in the music industry and their own entry as "new talents".

They give input and tips on how to find one's own position in the job, because the areas of tension between wish-fulfiller and gatekeeper, as well as communication at eye level and setting limits are constant companions.

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