April 27,

Concert @
artheater Basement

Pogendroblem know that they will have a worse future than their parents' generation, their music shows attempts to process this perspective, to deal with the now through political struggles, coping, friendship and punk - between alienation, ingratiation, labour struggle and solidarity, between Generation Y and Z, lost in real life and on the internet between queer parties, plenums and supermarkets. This was most recently shown by the longplayer "Alles was ich noch hab sind meine Kompetenzen", released in 2022.

pogendroblem sound like 80s punk with garage influences and poppy cuteness. The content oscillates between pissed-offness, utopian desire and cool hopelessness. Privately they are sometimes a bit sassy but totally nice - unless you are Nazis or mackers.

Now it's time for a big tour and to use up the potential everyone's always talking about through bad decisions, ill-considered releases, poor nutrition and too many concerts faster than Nicolas Cage says yes to roles // your rent is going up // the polar ice caps are melting (you get it) until wage labour and nuclear family separate them.

The queer program content of c/o pop is supported by: Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Lesben in NRW, Queeres Netzwerk NRW and the Ministry for Children, Youth, Family, Equality, Flight and Integration of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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