April 27,

Comedy @
BüzE Grosser Saal

Only on April 27 - Parshad is part of the c/o pop festival in Cologne.

Parshad is originally a comedienne strongly inspired by stand-up comedy and authentically stands for cosmopolitanism and entertainment with her comedy. In her art form, she primarily deals with generational conflicts, urban issues and justice and illuminates them from her very own humorous perspective.  

With natural coolness and a cheeky mindset, the young Frankfurt-based actress hits the zeitgeist of her generation with her comedy and has been able to reach a large number of people within a year. Due to her honest and very direct manner, she is not only an identification figure, but also an influential mouthpiece for a large number of young people with diverse backgrounds.  

On YouTube, Parshad speaks out every week on Sundays with sketches, rants and observations. Until January 2022, her podcast Frühlife-Crisis mit Parshad appeared every Tuesday on all popular podcast platforms. There, Parshad took the listeners on her catharsis every week. 

Current trends, pop culture topics and sustainable messages give Parshad's content its own form of communication. In summary, Parshad stands for unconventional comedy, self-confidence, enlightenment and pure female power.  

Parshad Esmaeili is a young comedienne from Offenbach am Main. At the age of 16, Parshad received the START scholarship, a scholarship programme from the Hertie Foundation, for four years as a socially committed student. After graduating from high school, the 23-year-old started working as a trainee at the radio station "Planet Radio" to gain her first experience in the industry. After a short time, Parshad was promoted to broadcasting assistant. At the same time, Parshad developed her own comedy channel on Instagram and was able to build her own community and expand her reach within a very short time. In addition, Parshad wrote her first standup lyrics and performed them on various open mic stages. Eventually, Parshad got her own show at the radio station "PUSH - Parshi's Urban Shit", where she presented German rap and hip hop from all over the world every Tuesday night. In 2019, Parshad won the German Radio Award in the category "Best Comedy". Her first standup tour "FML" went online in 2020 and was completely sold out after only a few days.  

When Parshad is not writing scripts or standup lyrics or shooting short videos for her social media channels, she enjoys watching anime and spending time with her loved ones.

The show is part of the funding project "c/o pop 2023 musichubgermany" and is supported by the Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.