Byrd Dhillon

Byrd Dhillon

Byrd Dhillon

April 29,

Concert @
Franky's Bar

Byrd Dhillon? Yes, super easy! Just like "the Byrds" without "the" and Bob Dylan without "Bob". Jagenau and then simply pull the "y" forward, replace the "a" in "Dylan" with an "o" instead and then simply add another "hill". Zack done, "Byrd Dhillon."

Or even easier like the bird in English "Bird", the dill and then put the whole thing in Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Or just google "Byrd Dhillon" and you'll find the eponymous debut EP of the "likeable slacker duo" (Byrd Dhillon via Byrd Dhillon), which will be released on 06/24/2022!

The 7 songs contained on it deal with exciting and inescapable questions for the Millenial generation, but everyone between the ages of 6 and 99 is always welcome to Byrd Dhillon.

People who have searched for us on the internet before EP release might remember the three advance singles of the "Byrd Dhillon" EP, like the first track "Mind". The song thematizes the handling of expectations that were first brought to us, soon to be our own, and the pressure for self-optimization that comes with it. No matter how much everything sometimes seems to grow over your head, you long for recognition that you actually never wanted, it is perhaps better to reflect on yourself, renounce bad influences and just let go.

In April 2022, "Brows" will follow. Here it is about eyebrows, so almost. In fact, it's about everything else you can associate with eyebrows, and for Byrd Dhillon, at least, that's enough for the entire content of a 3:11 min song. This song goes out to all the icons of groomed facial hair, from Cara Delevingne to Sophia Hadjipanteli to Theo Waigel. Oh yes, and it's a love song!

The last single to be released is "Hide and Seek" in May 2022. Byrd Dhillon have never been to Issos or Rome, New York or Hawaii, but they have relatively stable internet connections and a pretty solid Googlemaps skillset, which is why you can confidently call them cosmopolitans (if you want) despite the lack of stamps in their passports. And because traveling educates, experiences make you wiser and happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it, Byrd Dhillon have taken heart for all those at home and put their jet-set life to music.

Blushy AM/ Byrd Dhillon are supported by BY.on. A top promotion program of the Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V. (Association for Pop Culture in Bavaria), which offers Bavarian rock and pop artists access to performances as supporting acts for well-known artists, to (showcase) festivals, and to advanced training.

The VPBy (Verband für Popkultur in Bayern e.V.) unites over 170 scene promoters in Bavaria under its umbrella and is one of the leading pop promotion institutions in Germany.

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